About Us

We are creating the world's first platform for personalized beer, which gives our customers the power and freedom to personalize beers from our portfolio or design one from scratch, with the ability to fully customise the taste, aroma, look, and feel. By working with our network to brew your beer close to the final point of consumption, Unlimited Brewing also saves you money on shipping costs and reduces the carbon footprint of your brew.


Neil Soni is Founder & CEO of Unlimited Brewing. Having previously been involved in building various startups and innovation programmes at large corporates, coupled with a personal passion for making beer at home, Neil looked at the opportunity of launching a brewery and craft beer brand. In the process of his research, he realised that there was a supply and demand mismatch in the industry. There was in fact an over supply of brewery production capacity coupled with an increased demand from customers for innovation and personalization. Unlimited Brewing’s marketplace was born to offer businesses the opportunity to create their own personalized beer while offering breweries the opportunity to operate closer to full capacity and drive new revenue streams.