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The world's most popular beer style. Crisp, smooth, and refreshing.

Blonde Ale

Light, slightly malty, smooth, and refreshing, these beers are a perennial favourite among beer lovers of all persuasions.

Pale Ale

A nice blend of malt and hops, pale ales are a delicious, balanced beer.


Wheat Beers

As the name suggests, wheat beers have a blend of barley and wheat. This combination creates a protein-rich, slightly sweet, delicious beer. Different countries and regions have created their own bersion of this beer - for example, Hefeweizen in Germany and Witbier in Belgium.

India Pale Ales

The fastest growing beer style in the world, these beers highlight hops. The "India" in their name refers to the style's origin. This style was originally invented by the English who added extra hops to the beer so it could survive the journey from England to India during colonial times.

Stout and Porter

While no one can agree on the line between stouts and porters, these beers are rich and malty with a variety of complex flavours. Sub-styles range from chocolate and coffee, to toffee and vanilla.

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